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...are the only people on my friend's list obsessed with the Might Boosh in North America?


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Dec. 18th, 2007 03:44 pm (UTC)
Dec. 18th, 2007 03:47 pm (UTC)
There are plenty on my friends' list that are, and they're in Britain. Personally I don't grok what The Mighty Boosh is about, and I find Noel Fielding very annoying, but YMMV. "Surrealist" humour? Pah! Give me the Goodies any day.
Dec. 18th, 2007 03:59 pm (UTC)
Because they like flouncy English types there?
Dec. 18th, 2007 04:52 pm (UTC)
Some of us do. Yes. The more eyeliner, the better.
Dec. 18th, 2007 04:51 pm (UTC)
WELL, as for myself... It was through Moz.

Remember when Russell Brand interviewed Moz? That was the first time I'd encountered him. He was so dear. His love for Morrissey and his vulnerability made me see him entirely differently from how he's seen by most, I think. I know he's an obnoxious and shrill nut(ter), but I like 'im anyway.

Russell is friends with Noel Fielding. I'd seen Noel on a comedy show in America where they featured a bunch of British comedians. I adored him instantly, but when he was gone I was certain I'd never see him again. But then I saw him with Russell a few times.

Also, for some reason, I kept hearing the term "Mighty Boosh" thrown around in my circles. Eventually there would be googlage on my part.

Then there was youtubage.

When Howard Moon sang "Movin' too fast, this isn't a race" in a falsetto voice to a disco beat, I was gone.

Plus, I hate American television. It's made for stupid people.

I think I've infected Rachel with the Boosh love too... though she's much more sensible about it than I am.
Dec. 18th, 2007 05:52 pm (UTC)
Rachel and I gab about it a lot too! But, although I may not seem so (because I now have a lot of xcore Boosh fans on my f-list, both from England and North America), I'm pretty sensible about it too. I don't think they're a "comedy revelation"; I think they're good (often) and interesting (usually). (And yes, brilliant, occasionally.) For me it's more to the point that I find Barratt/Fielding very slashable (and likeable) and the LJ fandom is a hugely fun place to hang out (especially during this season, since The Boosh are throwing a lot of, um, "material" slashers' way).
Dec. 18th, 2007 07:18 pm (UTC)
what comedy show in america did you see noel on :o ??

i heard of them in england, from my brit friend who was utterly obsessed with it.

maybe americans like it because its so massively different from any type of show we have here? i mean that kind of comedy simply doesn't exists in the states.
Dec. 18th, 2007 05:32 pm (UTC)
...cue the anti-North American comments, lol!

Well, speaking for the North Americans on your f-list who are obsessed with lady-men with questionable dress-sense, we don't have ANYTHING like Noel Fielding here, so that might explain it. And a lot of us are former Moz-slashers who need something to do now that our comm has died!
Dec. 18th, 2007 05:56 pm (UTC)
I'm not in North America and I love them :)
Dec. 18th, 2007 05:58 pm (UTC)
i'm in, oh, INDIA, and i'm quite fond of the boosh. not 'obsessed', not in the way i was obsessed with python.
are boosh fans annoyed by that comparison, incidentally?
Dec. 18th, 2007 06:23 pm (UTC)
Because North America is full of Anglophiles (lol well at least the internets makes it seem that way) who will embrace anything semi funny so long as it's English.

They wouldn't feel like that if they had to fucking live here though.

Its the shame shite as anywhere

Needless to say I don't quite get the Mighty Boosh...
Dec. 18th, 2007 07:14 pm (UTC)
it is not full of anglophiles!! i dont know any in real life!! we just all congregate online!
Dec. 18th, 2007 06:37 pm (UTC)
I'm from Manchester and I love the Boosh! Espcecially the roof top scene from the last episode, so funy.

Weirdly enough though, I met two people the other week who had never heard of it! I don't understand how that's possible.
Dec. 19th, 2007 10:56 am (UTC)
That rooftop kiss is one of the most beautiful things I have seen. Ever! By god, Julian Barratt is a handsome man! I keep saying this to people, and I apologise because I don't know you, but I want to ride Richard Ayoade's sexy Saboo face! <3
Dec. 19th, 2007 05:02 pm (UTC)
I heart Julian Barratt so bad. That kiss has me wondering if they know how slashly the boosh fandom is. Half the things they were saying sounded like they were straight out of a fanfic. Having said that, there has always been jokes about Vince being Howard's wife/gf. *ponders*

I always thought Richard was a hot!geek but he is ridiculously sexy as Saboo, isn't he?
Dec. 19th, 2007 09:40 pm (UTC)
Yes, Richard Ayoade is definitely very sexy as Saboo! I can't decide whether I fancy him more as Saboo, Moss or Dean Learner though. OOOOHHHH!! He's not hot as one of the Idiots in Nathan Barley, but mmmm, Dan Ashcroft! HELLO!!
Dec. 18th, 2007 06:47 pm (UTC)
So THAT'S why seeing easilyled and _scarlet_ibis_ around was familiar ;)
Dec. 19th, 2007 04:53 pm (UTC)
Oh high! *waves*
Dec. 19th, 2007 05:03 pm (UTC)
Hi! I know this is silly, but I was honestly confused about how familiar you seemed... we have been in the same communities for years now. Heh.

Adding you, if you don't mind.
Dec. 19th, 2007 05:24 pm (UTC)
I'm actually recent to boosh slash... I've only been around since the summer! But adding is cool. *adds back*
Dec. 18th, 2007 09:41 pm (UTC)
funny, the only obsessed people I know are australians and kiwis that live in scotland. :P
Dec. 18th, 2007 11:02 pm (UTC)
add spain to your list!
i even have tix to see them live next year!
Dec. 19th, 2007 10:18 am (UTC)
I'm obsessed with it. I've had the Bouncy Bouncy song from last week in my head since it aired!
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